Documents Required

1. A regular foreign travel document

2. A photocopy of the pages of the foreign travel document with the personal information and with the visas laid and/or a photocopy of the held permits for stay in the next states along the route as well as for the end destination state, if required;

3. A filled in application form with one passport size color photograph (3,5 х 4,5 cm)

4. Proof of ensured transport for transit passage and a copy of these documents and/or proof of financial resources possessed to continue the journey

5. Proof of the required financial resources possessed for the sustention of each transit passage mounting to a minimum of EUR 50 or their equivalent in another convertible foreign currency, and in case of transit by road with a vehicle driven by the person – additional funds amounting to a minimum of EUR 200 or their equivalent in any convertible foreign currency
6. A valid insurance policy and a copy thereof issued by an insurance company licensed to operate on the territory of the European Union with a minimum amount of coverage of EUR 30 000. The policy should cover repatriation costs as well as emergency medical aid and treatment costs for each of the transit journeys.

Visa Fee:  € 60

Processing Fee:  €35

Processing time: Visa applications are generally processed within 15 days.