(Denmark Embassy Represents Greenland Visa Services in Lebanon)

Documents Required

1. One completed Schengen visa application form, duly filled, dated and signed in all fields on the third page.

2. 1 colored photo taken less than 3 months ago

3. Passport must be issued within the last 10 years or less

4. Copy of all pages of the passport including the cover and pages without stamps, visa stickers, entry/ exit stamps etc. must be copied in the normal color spectrum.

5. Family Statement original + translation.

6. Original travel medical insurance with the condition’s booklet

7. Round-trip flight ticket reservation, copy

8. Hotel booking reservation containing the applicant’s name and covering the whole trip

9. Recently issued letter of employment.

10. Proof of registration with NSSF- if applicable

11. Personal Bank statement covering the last 3 months

Visa Fee: € 80

VFS Fee: € 13

Processing Fee: $ 35

Processing time: The average period for processing a Visa application is 15 working days calculated from the date when the application is received at the Embassy.