Documents Required

1. one application form duly completed

2. Signed passport, issued within ten preceding years, valid at least three months beyond the planned stay in the Schengen states and containing at least two empty pages.

3. One copy of the applicant’s passport: first pages, last page and all pages with previously obtained visas.

4. One recent passport-sized picture according to ICAO guidelines.

5. Original and one copy of a travel / health insurance; minimum coverage EUR 30,000

6. Family register issued less than three months ago.

7. Flight reservation (roundtrip) or other proof of intended transport.

8. Hotel reservation for the whole trip and a detailed travel itinerary.

9. Proof of sufficient financial means – Recent bank statements turnover during the last six months.

10. For employees: Recommendation letter from the employer in Lebanon/Syria addressed to the Embassy mentioning: profession and position, number of years in service, monthly salary, number of annual leave, purpose and exact dates of the granted leave, typed out name of the person signing. Register of commerce and circular of the company in Lebanon/Syria. Registration at the National Social Security Fund (if applicable).

11. For self-employed and liberal professions: Motivation letter addressed to the Embassy with information as in the employer’s recommendation letter. Proof of actual professional activity. Syndicate membership card (if applicable). Register of commerce and circular of the company in Lebanon/Syria (if applicable) Registration at the National Social Security Fund (if applicable).

12. Students: Confirmation of registration in the school/university for the current and following year (confirming the permission to leave when the stay is planned outside of school/university holidays).

13. For minors: Parental authorization certified by the Mayor or “Declaration parental” form (available at the Embassy) signed by the parents in front of a visa section employee, along with a photocopy of their passports, proof of parental custody (if applicable).

Visa Fee: €  80

VFS Fee:  € 23 ( paid in USD )

Processing Fee: $ 25

Processing time: Usually, processing time for visa applications is 10 working days (starting from the time when the Embassy or Consulate received the application, not including the transportation time)