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Documents Required

1. A clear, color copy of your valid passport or travel document that you’ll use to travel to United Kingdom.

2. It is recommended that you provide information about your circumstances in your home country and details of the activity that you will be doing in the UK.

3. a letter from your employer on company headed paper, detailing your role, salary and length of employment

4. a letter from your education provider, on headed paper, confirming your enrolment and leave of absence (For Students)

5. business registration documents or recent invoices that confirm on-going selfemployment

6. previous travel documents/passports, which show previous travel

7. financial documents showing that you have sufficient funds available (Bank Statement)

8. If you have a sponsor:

• what support is being provided and whether it extends to any dependent family

• how this support is being provided
• the relationship between you and the sponsor, for example if they’re your family member or your employer)

• the person supporting you is legally in the UK (if applicable), for example if they have a British passport or residence document

Visa Fee:

Standard Visitor visa £115 6 months

2 Year long-term Standard Visitor visa £400 6 months per visit

5 Year long-term Standard Visitor visa £771 6 months per visit

10 Year long-term Standard Visitor visa £963 6 months per visit

TLS – Regular fee $ 38

Processing Fee $ 75

Processing time Visitor visa applications submitted from outside the UK are currently taking an average of 3 weeks to process.